The Magic of Indian Food Cuisine


Indian food/cuisine and the variety in it is a true reflection of the country’s essence of being and its unity in diversity. Its cuisine (comprising curry, dessert dishes and the like) is therefore an amalgamation of a number of regional cuisines which are known for their respective gharanas with distinctive flavours and style of cooking

Coming to think about it:

Most of these Indian curries have the reputation of being spicy and rich, and are famous all over the world for their unique taste. This is so because these various types of curry and dessert dishes incorporate the use of curry powder (mixture of spices belonging to South Asian cuisine) and a list of exotic ingredients to infuse the delicacies with piquancy that is way above the ordinary and exclusively Indian.

The curries and dessert dishes can be enjoyed at several restaurants, food joints, eateries and roadside ‘dhabas’ that promise to offer the real taste of Indian cuisine. You can even prepare the various types of curry or dessert dishes at home with the careful use of ingredients sauteed/ simmered/ roasted with the choicest curry powder renditions to help you bask in the glory of the ultimate culinary delight.

Or you can simply get the dishes on the internet and desserts online. For, with the advent of the digital revolution and a mushrooming number of online stores, you can buy the various types of curry, curry powder or paste and dessert dishes online without having to cover the extra mile or run to the store in the middle of a busy schedule and savour that quintessential taste that the world is fond of. You can order several types of curry or desserts online from the comfort of your home or office and give your family an evening to cherish

This may include delicacies like dal bukhara, paneer darbari, mirch ka salan, mughlai paneer, paneer malai, chicken darbari, murgh methi, chicken chettinad, malabari chicken stew; butter chicken curry, fish curry, Hyderabadi Biryani and other such pastes; and Jodhpuri moong dal halwa, hazoori petha halwa, white pumpkin & milk pudding, gajar ka halwa, etc.

So book your date with the great Indian cuisine and get ready to indulge. Bring home a basket full of curry powder, condiments, chutneys and conserves to add a twist to your daily meals or the ‘ready to eat meal’ versions of the various types of curry and dessert dishes online and enjoy the extravagance.


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