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Fusion Food – Affordable International Food

Pune has now become a hub for a multitude of cultures with foreign fare not surprising the regular restaurant-hopper. Eating out has become the norm rather than the odd meal out, but that’s not all. Today Pune boasts of uber cool international cuisines which are not only served from la-di-dah Michelin starred Restaurants & Bars across the city, but from Inns that dot the landscape right from Koregaon Park to Kondwa.

Pune has arrived!

International cuisine is not limited to just Chinese food with an Indian twist. From the predictable to exotic, these Inns are either run out of street cafes a La Paris or have popped up in dense neighborhoods and abound corners, streets and complexes ubiquitously. So the Marathi manoos can dress-to-kill-to-eat-in-style at the numerous exorbitant fancy eating houses or eat at reasonably priced and freshly baked & served Inns across the city. No plush interiors. No lavish spreads and no ambience maybe, but the food is lip-smacking fresh and completely affordable to any pocket – school going kids, to college teens to a hard pressed housewife and what-have-you’s!

(We have collected recipes for our readers from the inns)


Opp Clover Village

Next to Raheja Garden


Hott is situated in Wanowarie next to Raheja Gardens. Jehanbux Desai who has Hott dotting Jambulkar Chowk, NIBM road and Wanowarie is very clear about his objective: great food, new tastes n practically no money spent!

“My original enterprise Vrinda’s Family Foods mutated and grew in HOTT largely due to me recognisng the need for good qulity snaks in Pune, only samosas and vadas used to be available and a few sandwich joints peppered the city. All my eateries were born with pricing in mind. In a country like India to be able to yield 1100 gms of pastry from ½ kg flour is what makes my bakery and food joints so popular. Besides we experiment with new items on the menu like wraps, quiches, pies, croissants, Shavarma , pastries and the desserts include my special sugar donuts, brownies, tarts and soufflés,” says Jehanbux Desai.

He also owns Lucky Bakery in Kondwa which supplies Shrewsbury biscuits to outlets like Budhani Wafers, Bhavnagari, Karachi and meals to IT canteens. One can eat wraps made of cottage cheese or chicken, Danish pies made with indianised fillings, puff pastries, tortillas made into kathi rolls, shavarma ( meat with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and Tahina sauce mounted on vertical grills with vertical burners) his fusion food knows no bounds.

Popular items: Submarine Roll (Indian Kebabs in Mayo base), Spicy Chicken Pie, Chocolate Soufflé, Donuts (crispy like jalebis) Shrewsbury biscuits and hot dogs.

List and prices

Brownies: 10/-

Mushroom Pies 7/-

Chicken Creamy roll 18/-

Submarine Roll 16/-

Chocolate Balls 3/-

Chocolate Mousse 12/-

Recipe: Pastry to make Danish pie/puffs/ quiches etc

500 gms refined flour/maida

250 Gms vegetable shortening, margarine, vanaspati, olive oil

30 Gms sugar

50 Gms salt

20 Gms yeast

Method: make soft dough with the flour, water, salt, sugar, yeast.

Allow it to rise (double the size in 1 hr)

Roll out, apply shortening on it and fold it like puff pastry roll.

Roll out again.

This can be used for fillings to make cream pies, pizzas, donuts, pies, puffs, croissants, sweet base for buns, sweet dish slices.

IL Fungo Magico

Koregoan Park

Lane 6 next to malacca spice

Situated on Lane 6 in Koregoan Park, it has some great options for authentic Italian food at throwaway prices. (It could pep up its cleanliness and ambience though) In antipasti (starters) Il Fungo serves Crostini della casa (a bread concoction grilled and topped with sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, basil, garlic and roasted aubergines) at just 100/- Rustici (110/-), Bruschetta (80/-) .All their dishes contain specified ingredients like artichokes, mozzarella cheese, olives and Italian herbed dishes. The food is served up in a sleight of hand although some dishes tasted like they had used left over oil. Yet international travelers who throng Osho and KP, who’d like to go slow on their pockets and yet eat authentic Italiano cuisine, flock here for meals.

IFM also serves Mexicana cuisine (Nachos, Enchiladas and Tacos) and a Diet Menu which has gluten free pizza base, Risotti made from Organic Brown rice and Tofu dishes.

Nachos with cheese sauce and refried beans 100/-

Lasagna Alla Napolitano 180/-

Enchiladas 150/-

Pasta 150/- onwards

Pizzas 100/- onwards

Tiramisu 95/-

Soups 60/-

Garlic bread with cheese 60/-

Nachoes with Salsa n Cheese Sauce 100/-

It’s managed by Little Italy Pvt Ltd who is their food consultant but a little attention to cleanliness and freshness would do wonders to his Fusion joint.


Shop No A 4

Mayfair Eleganza


It’s lovely sidewalk café at the beginning of NIBM road owned by a Georgian (a state in what used to be USSR) and her Indian family. She brings all her skills of food making from her rolls, burgers and mini meals to her desserts for her café….Meet Irina Khanna whose Foot long rolls and kebabs are the rage at Tito’s. Says Bhargavi Fredrick of NIBM road, “We just have to get something to tuck into from Tito’s atleast once in a couple of days. Her Choco Walnut pastries are amazingly silky and chocolaty in taste and her snacks are fresh and homemade.” “The Smoked Chicken Hotdog is so delicious and different it’s the best in the world,” says her 12 year old son Nick.

Irina says, “We’ve had this café since 4 years now and it’s doing very well. We keep changing our menu, adding new items every month. Whatever picks up stays what doesn’t we don’t keep (although that hasn’t happened at all!) we use only chicken breast for our burgers and I make my own sauces, my own recipe for mustard and mayo which are freshly made each day and in my unique style.

Mirrored walls add to the space in this airy joint with tables, chairs and music. “It’s nice, cool and welcoming to go to Tito’s” says Mohsin Irani who is from Iran, here to work as a personal Trainer.

Tito’s new menu includes:

Madam Bowar 95/- which is a mini meal of Chicken Breast baked with mozzarella cheese in aromatic French sauces served with bread and mashed potatoes.

Fish Shaslik 110/-

Chicken Chilli Fry 95/-

Macaroni Sausage Salad 50/-

Grill & Club Sandwiches 40/- & 50/-

Kabab Foot long 40/-

Smoked Chicken Hot Dog 40/-

Choco fantasy 20/-

Ideal Pastry 25/-

Choco Walnut cakes 140/-

Recipe: Russian Salad

Boiled potatoes


Green peas each equal quantity




White Pepper

Crab (boiled & shredded)

Eggs Boiled

Cut into smallest cubes possible

1 kg = 250gms Mayo

Toss all ingredients and serve chilled

Irina’s Turkish Phaklawa’s which are made from walnuts, kismis, maida and eggs are the tour de force that has everyone coming back for more!

In Aundh many new eating joints have reared their heads and they intend to become fixtures in the landscape:

Polka dots

Seasons (exorbitant)


Clove fine dining in pulse complex

Besides the ones that know their cuisine and which serve an experience in food in Koregaon Park are

Spice Island in Le Meridien

Italian is Dolce Vita (Boat Club Road)

Tuscana in Kalyani Nagar

Arthur’s theme in Koregaon Park for French food

La Pizzeria for the vegetarian Italian food


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