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Ghee is a clarified butter which originated in Southern Asia ages ago. It is used very commonly in South Asian Cuisines. Ghee is used for various purposes that include food preparation, religious use, as well as for its nutritious value.

Preparation: Ghee is prepared by making butter first and then clarifying it. The process begins with boiling cow milk first. A thick layer of cream forms on top of the milk after it reaches room temperature. The cream is removed and stored in a container and refrigerated. The collected cream is brought to room temperature and churned using a wooden churner or ladle until the butter spreads separate. This thoroughly washed butter can now be used to prepare ghee.

The butter is usually melted in a vessel over medium high heat to prepare ghee. The butter begins to melt, forming a white froth on top. The residue solids settle at the bottom and the ghee, which is now clear, golden and translucent with a fragrant smell, is ready. The ghee is then filtered, and it will solidify when completely cool. Ghee can be stored for extended periods without refrigeration, provided it is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation and remains moisture free. The texture, color, or taste of ghee depends on the source of the milk from which the butter was made, and the extent of boiling and simmering.

Religious USE: Real ghee is prepared from cow’s milk yogurt, which has a sacred role in Vedic and modern Hindu rituals. Ghee is also burnt in the religious ritual of Aarti and is the principal fuel used for the Hindu votive lamp known as the diya or deep. It is used in marriages and funerals, and for bathing divine idols during worship.

Usage in Food: Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisine. In many parts of India, rice is traditionally prepared or served with ghee. In Rajasthan, ghee is considered to be a must have. Ghee is also an ingredient as well as used in the preparation of Indian sweets of different varieties. Ghee is an important part of Punjabi cuisine, where curries often use ghee instead of oil, in order to give the food added richness.

Natritious Value: Like any clarified butter, ghee is composed almost entirely of fat. It is very high in Vitamin A and Vitamin D content. It can be supportive for eyes, legs, hands and bone health. Ghee helps the absorption of not only vitamins and minerals but also phytonutrients. Studies have revealed one mechanism by which ghee reduces plasma cholesterol. This action is mediated by an increased secretion of biliarylipids.

Some Identical Preparations Worldwide: Various cultures outside of South Asia prepare similar fat contents virtually identical to ghee in terms of process and end result. Egyptians prepared samna baladi meaning local ghee. Niter Kibbeh is made and used in Ethiopia in much the same way as ghee, adding spices during the process resulting in a distinctive taste. Moroccans go a step further, aging spiced ghee for months resulting in a product called smen. An unrefrigerated butter similar to ghee by the name of manteiga-de-garrafa or manteiga-da-terra is common in Northeastern Brazil.

Presence of Ghee in Business Directory: The Indian ghee, however, has its sheen worldwide. Among different kind of clarified butter prepared in various parts of earth, only Indian ghee finds place in the global market. It is widely exported to many offshore destinations globally. There are manufacturers in India who prepare ghee for domestic and international consumers. Indian manufacturers, Exporters and suppliers can find many trading partners and links with help of Exporters Directory, Manufacturers Directory & Suppliers Directory through B2B portals.


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