Enema’s For Pleasure, Pain, Or Vitality?


It’s one of the ‘in things’, Movie Stars, Sportsmen even Politicians are talking about having an Enema, but what is it, is it healthy, is it pleasurable?

One point I must make, this is not a ‘how to’ guide, before undertaking any such procedure I would advise you consult your local medical adviser first.

Basically it is the cleansing of the colon and large intestine, it involves the injection of a solution into the rectum to soften the feces, distend the colon and rectum, and thereby cause the easy emptying of the bowel.

Although its all the fashion at the moment, its actually one of the oldest medical procedures and has been practiced by most cultures throughout history. In fact its only within the last fifty years that the regular practice of Enema’s has decreased, this mainly by the onslaught of chemical enema’s and laxatives from the pharmaceutical industry. Everyone from the Greek’s and Egyptians to the Kings of France have extolled the virtues and health benefits of Enema’s. The use of enema’s today can be broadly split into two areas, one for medical and health reasons, the other for pleasure and erotic practices.

Let’s deal with the traditional health benefits first, and have a quick look at your colon. Its main function together with your lungs, skin and kidneys is the elimination of toxins in the intestines, blood and lymph systems. Among its most important functions are the colon are the absorption of water and minerals, and the formation and elimination of feces, so if your colon is blocked it cuts down or stops these functions. A recent survey in the United States showed after surgery where the colon was examined, there was on average over a pound of undigested or impacted meat in the colon. Meat that was unable to move and consequently it rotted and released poisons into the blood stream. Not a good idea so by use of diet or other procedures keeping the colon clean helps maintain a healthy body.

The solution that is usually used in enemas is warm water, but surprisingly there are many solutions that can be used, these solutions are often called ‘recipes’. They include Coffee, Beer, Epsom Salts, Limon Juice, Ivory Soap. Each recipe can have a slightly different effect and result on your body, so it is always best to do much research before using a new or untried recipe.

The following is just a short paragraph in the use of enemas from a sexual point as this article can be read by minors, if you wish for more information there is plenty available on specialist Internet sites.

Certainly the biggest growth interest in enema’s has been for sexual pleasure itself and the use before sexual acts. Willing partners are far more adventurous in performing Anal sexual acts than in previous years and the application of an enema before can aid not only in eliminating health hazards but heightening the pleasure of the act.

There is wide spread agreement by both the traditional and alternative therapy professions that the cleansing of the colon and intestines by enemas can be both beneficial and invigorating, but it is best to be well advised and researched before trying any procedures yourself.


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