Cole Slaw


A salad that contains shredded cabbage is commonly called Coleslaw in America.

The initial consumption of Coleslaw dates back to the era of ancient Romans.

From that region it has been prepared in many countries like Poland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, United States and Untied Kingdom.

This particular salad has many variations and you can add many other ingredients like carrots, pepper, onion, grated cheese, pineapple or apple. So you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to filling your palate with Coleslaw.

The salad is then dressed with vegetable oil and vinegar. You can also add mayonnaise or buttermilk. The preparation may vary from region to region. You can include mustard. Barbecue slaw is one type of Slaw also known as red slaw that is made of ketchup and vinegar in place of mayonnaise. The red Slaw is very common in the Piedmont region in North Carolina. Broccoli slaw is prepared by swapping cabbage with shredded raw broccoli. When it comes to salad dressing the options are many. The dressing is left for a few hours to blend with the salad before serving. The cabbage is shredded, minced or cut into small squares according to individual preferences. You can eat your coleslaw along with French fries, barbecue, and fried chicken. It is mainly eaten as a side dish. In Sweden, a different variety of coleslaw prepared with vinegar and oil is used as pizza topping. It is also eaten in sandwiches and forms a wonderful combination with hot dogs and hamburgers with chili and hot mustard. It is mainly a meal accompaniment but it also a full meal for many.


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