Blodgett Pizza Oven – A Potential Proprietor’s Information to Baking Excellent Pizzas Each Time


Blodgett pizza ovens are {industry} leaders within the area of baking and cooking. Choosing the proper mannequin in your pizza baking enterprise will be certain that you get the very best efficiency for any given job. The next are some excerpts from the Blodgett gasoline oven 1048 mannequin guide.

Blodgett Deck ovens have set industry-wide requirements when it comes to excellence for baking gear high quality, efficiency and reliability. When the ovens is correctly put in and maintained, its simplicity in design and sturdy building will guarantee years of hassle free operation.

Important Elements of a Blodgett Pizza Oven

1.Extremely Rokite Deck – the stone deck that absorbs warmth from beneath and cook dinner the underside of the product.

2.Metal Deck – additionally absorbs warmth from beneath to cook dinner the underside of the product.

3.Deck Helps – for holding the oven decks.

4.Deck Seal – seals the hole between the deck and the entrance of the oven.

5.Management Panel – holds wiring and elements for working the oven.

6.Burner Compartment – discovered underneath the cooking chamber, encloses the combustion burners.

7.Combustion Burners – provides warmth to the baking chamber and the decks.

8.Deflector – redirects some warmth from the combustion burners to the flue plates.

9.Flue Plates – discovered on the inside aspect partitions of the cooking chamber. They conduct warmth from the burners to the oven cavity. This warmth cooks the highest of the product earlier than being vented from the oven.

The next pointers ought to be adopted to make sure airflow:

Place the oven in an space that is freed from drafts.

Hold the oven space free and away from all combustibles akin to paper, cardboard, and flammable liquids and solvents.

Don’t place the oven on a curb base or seal to a wall. This can prohibit the stream of air and stop correct air flow.

Pilot outages or yellow, floating flames on the principle burners are indicative of an absence of secondary air.

The oven have to be put in with the legs equipped by the producer.

Oven Operation:

Working the 1048 Sequence Oven is so simple as 1, 2, 3 – Lighting, Preheating and Loading.



2.Push the pink button on the AUTOMATIC SAFETY PILOT VALVE.

3.Apply a lighted match or taper to pilot burner.

4.After pilot burner lights, proceed to depress pink button for about 30 seconds and launch.


6.Set THERMOSTAT to desired temperature.


1.On preliminary startup, preheat the oven to 600°F (315°C) over a interval of 4 hours in increments of 100°F(55°C) beginning at 300°F (149°C).

2.Examine the oven periodically. This can mood the Extremely Rokite cabinets and burn off any oil and fiberglass residue.

NOTE: The 1048 (with Extremely Rokite cabinets) would require a further 20 minutes on a preheat to 600°F (315°C).


Pizza in pans ought to be positioned in rotation on the shelf to permit it to get better its lack of warmth from the earlier bake.

Don’t permit pans to the touch one another or sides of oven.

Open doorways as seldom as potential.

The deck is meant for cooking pizza and bread merchandise, different varieties of meals could also be cooked in

pans or containers.

Prepare dinner Temperatures

Prepare dinner temperatures fluctuate with totally different merchandise. Experiment with the preliminary bakes till you discover the perfect mixture of time and temperature.

Instance: Pizza Baking

1.Run a number of bakes at 500°F (260°C). Make word of the time required to realize a agency crust.

2.If the cheese breaks down too shortly or scorches, decrease the temperature and lengthen the bake time.

3.If quicker manufacturing is desired, run extra bakes rising the temperature by increments of 25°F(15°C).

4.Document the outcomes to find out the best temperature at which you’ll bake and obtain high quality outcomes with most manufacturing.

NOTE: Pull time is essential at excessive temperatures.

Prepare dinner Time

Prepare dinner occasions fluctuate with the quantity of product loaded, the kind of pan and the temperature. Elevating the temperature to decrease the cook dinner time is efficient to a degree. Then the standard of the bake begins to endure.

Your Dependable Companion

A Blodgett pizza oven in your restaurant kitchen is a superb companion for assembly the calls for of your prospects. As soon as utterly put in and correctly configured, you might be free to pay attention your effort and time on making new pizza recipes or bettering your previous ones.


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