Best Restaurant – Chicken Maison Healthy Mediterranean Restaurant in Redondo Beach, Torrance


AND… the jury is already out about Chicken Maison!

I love this place and brought my co-workers here and they loved it too. The day I came back to bring my co-workers, the lady remembered me from before and I got a free lunch ON THEM! How great is that?! Every time I go I always hear compliments from people going for the first time saying how great the chicken is. Great food, great service, and great price.

Yelp’s definitely found a winner with this chicken dinner! (and lunch!) (*_*)

Best. chicken. kabob. ever.

Chicken Maison just opened in Orange County, and boy am I happy about that! This restaurant serves healthy Mediterranean food, and it’s absolutely fantastic. You have to try this place, it’s a must-visit.

The food is fresh and delicious. Like, really, really, five-star delicious. The chicken was cooked to perfection and tasted so good. I saw a guy at another table get up and compliment the owner on the chicken, he obviously thought it was delicious, too.

The portions are huge. The menu is varied and mostly healthy stuff. The restaurant is clean and cute. The owner was SO nice, it felt like he was welcoming you into his home for a meal.

I ordered the chicken kabob combo. It came with two sides (I chose the hummus and rice) and a veggie kabob. Their garlic dipping sauce is AMAZING! The owner told us it’s their specialty, and he wasn’t lying. That garlic dipping sauce was out of this world. Our meals came with pita bread, which was soft and doughy, just the right consistency.

My boyfriend had the chicken kabob combo as well, he got potato salad and cole slaw for his sides. I’m not normally a potato salad or cole slaw fan, but it actually looked totally tasty and he enjoyed it.

We had a wonderful experience and will definitely be back! Count me as a fan of Chicken Maison. I can’t wait to try the baklava and the falafel plate next time, those looked fantastic!!!

Such a great deal.

Such great chicken.

They have a combo for $25 that includes two whole yardbirds, four large sides and pita with yummy sauce. I upgraded to lemon/basil which costs extra. This is why:

They take their amazing rotisserie chicken and finish it in a pan with the lemon, olive oil and fresh basil. Worth the extra couple bucks.

The large sides were not particularly large, but it’s $25, what was I expecting? The potato salad was good. It’s a kind of sour flavor and doesn’t have mayo in it, but worth trying imo. They give you a lot of pita and yummy sauce. This meal fed the four of us for 2 nights, and there is still enough for dinner for hubby and I tonight, and probably lunch this week. That’s value.

It was pretty hoppin’ at 7pm on a Friday. I knew we would have a bit of a wait for a large order, but was fine with that. I ordered Magic Elixir tea and settled in. The really nice counter guy threw in drinks for the kids for free. Nice gesture. And we had the order in less than 15 minutes, which was pretty good.

Chicken Maison, please move closer. I hate South Coast Plaza.


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