Alkaline Foods – What Are They & Which To Eat


A body which is higher in acid is like a magnet attracting all kinds of diseases. The human body maintains an ideal body ph of 7.3 which is more alkaline than acidic in nature. An alkaline ph helps the various body mechanisms to function well as well as the different vital organs to carry out their designated functions to an optimum level. Now what is needed it to maintain this ideal ph level by consuming various types of Alkaline foods. Acidic foods should be consumed minimally while most of our diet should consist of alkaline foods.

The various types of alkaline foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. Consuming these will help oxygenate the body system and so lead to rejuvenation of body cells. The various types of vegetables that fall in this category are garlic, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, barely grass, wheat grass and many more. Apart from cranberries all other fruits also belong to this category. Apples, bananas, honeydew, melons, cherries, dates and all the rest are alkaline in nature. Even though lemons are acidic in essence but when consumed they have an alkalizing effect on the body as opposed to having an acidic effect. Even citrus fruits which are acidic before consumption have an alkalizing effect on the human body. These fruits should be consumed in abundance so as to maintain a normal ph. Melons is not good foods to combine with other eats so should be consumed separately.

This is not to say that only non protein foods come under this category. Eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken breast, tofu, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, millet, nuts,sunflower seeds are all proteins that are considered alkaline foods. They can safely be consumed and shall be beneficial to the body. Green tea and herbal teas are also foods that are alkaline in nature. Various fruit and vegetable juices are also classified as alkaline foods. Those with sweet tooth should take stevia which is a flower obtained sweetener and is the only alkaline sweetener. Miso is another food that is highly alkaline and taking miso soup can be very beneficial to the body.

Many spices such as cinnamon curry leaves mustard chillie pepper and sea salt are all alkaline foods. Sea salt containing iodine is highly recommended. Acidic foods like various meats and oils should not make up for more than 25% of our food intake. One the other hand 75% of our food should constitute alkaline food so as to keep a healthy body. If there is a constant feeling of fatigue or frequently reoccurring illnesses then a lot of such food should be consumed. All illnesses have their roots in the body ph getting acidic and a lot of care should be taken to keep the ph levels alkaline in nature. There fore a high consumption of foods that are alkaline is highly recommended in order to lead a healthy and long life.


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