14 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Recipes


Father’s Day is the time to take care of the guy who takes care of everything. We’ve got a range of recipes for you, no matter what kind of eater dad is—vegetarian, meat lover, heat-seeker, sweet tooth, or just always hungry. He might still insist on manning the grill but that’s just part of his charm.

Several slices of maple sriracha bacon in a glass.

This winning combination of bacon with maple and Sriracha satisfies any sweet, spicy, and salty craving.


A stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes on a white plate with syrup and butter on top.

These light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes are easy to make and only require a handful of ingredients. What are you waiting for?


Pan of 11 mini hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough topped with poppy seeds, knife and mustard nearby.

Pigs in pretzel blankets are a sorta lofty take on a childhood classic. The extra effort compared to the simple version you had as a kid is more than worth it.


A sliced filet mignon with chanterelle marsala sauce in a bowl beside it on a wooden cutting board.

We love chanterelles best with a steak or pork chop. Keeping a recipe simple is the best practice, and my daughter and I created this one together!


Three grilled lobster tails on an oval platter, garnished with chopped parsley.

To do too much to lobster would be like stuffing caviar into a burrito. Grill it, then choose a support player and enjoy. The classic is, was, and always will be melted butter and lemon. It’s a classic for a reason.


A pile of ribbon fries on a white surface.

Serve these ribbon fries as you would potato chips, as a nibble with cocktails, alongside a sandwich, or as a side to a main course such as roast chicken.


A pastrami burger with Russian dressing and iceberg lettuce.

These pastrami burgers with Russian dressing are a jazzed-up version of the classic cheeseburger with the addition of chopped pastrami to the patty and a spicy Russian dressing that stands in for ketchup and mayo.


A scattering of chili cheese fries topped with cheddar and snipped fresh chives.

These easy chili cheese fries are made with chili powder and spice and a smattering of Cheddar. Less mess. Just as much flavor. 


Four smoked whole chickens on a metal sheet pan with a metal fork lying beside them.

This Texas-style smoked whole chicken is made by rubbing whole chickens with an ancho and piloncillo spice rub and then slowly smoking them on your grill or smoker until tender and juicy. Easy and perfect for entertaining a crowd. Here’s how.


Pieces of spicy bacon caramel corn on a baking sheet.

Spicy bacon caramel corn is just what it sounds like. Smoky, salty, spicy, sweetly enticing, and a little difficult to stop eating. Made with beer and a pleasure to nosh alongside the rest of the bottle.


A metal platter holding five grilled portobello mushrooms, topped with garlic rosemary butter.

Dense and meaty, portobellos are great on the grill. These would be heavenly with slow-cooked and charcoal-grilled beef rib. They also work well as a vegetarian main, and are naturally gluten-free and low carb.


Two glasses half-filled with Kentucky coffee and an open bottle of bourbon between them.

Kentucky coffee is an after-dinner drink made with strongly brewed coffee, cream, sugar, and bourbon. It’s a superb holiday sipper, and so easy to make.


Banoffee pie in a metal pie plate with a quarter of the pie missing.

In my version of easy banoffee pie, I add peanut butter to the homemade whipped cream because peanut butter and bananas are so great together (and, yes, so American!).


Three chewy chocolate brownies stacked on top of each other with another leaning on the stack on a piece of parchment.

These chewy chocolate brownies have everything we love about boxed brownies but they’re so much better. Made with real, recognizable ingredients, these easy brownies have that chew factor and a mega dose of chocolate.


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