WotLK Gold Farming Tips – World Of Warcraft Epic Gold Farming Tips For Grinding And Gathering


World of Warcraft elite players usually don’t share their knowledge about the best places or methods to make gold in this game. Doesn’t that bother you? Well, I know it bothers me. That’s why, even though I’m not a hardcore player and I believe I’m far from being one of the elite PvPers or raiders, I’m going to share here a few WotLK gold farming tips.

But before I start to write down the tips I promised you, I have to make one thing clear. I’m an old fashion WoW player and I like to farm or to gather, in order to make gold. This way, you will get 100% profit, while if you buy and resell stuff at the Auction House, profit is only partial. So, the WotLK gold farming tips I’m going to share here, concern grinding and gathering only.

WotLK gold farming tips for grinding

  • The mobs that have Relics of Ulduar comprised in their loot table make excellent targets for farming gold. So, if you’re after humanoids, for Frostweave Cloth, for example, choose the ones that also drop Relics of Ulduar.
  • If you have skinning, aim for beasts that drop more valuables than Borean Leather and Arctic Fur. For example, mammoths also drop mammoth meat (Chunks o’ Mammoth to be more precise) which has high value because cooks can make end game food that gives an high Attack Power buff. Also, it’s good to know that beasts over level 75 don’t drop Borean Leather Scraps, therefore it’s best to choose a camp with mobs that are higher than 75.
  • Elemental revenants make good grinding targets. They drop Crystallized elements which can be used to make Eternal Water, Fire, Air, Shadow, Life and Earth. Eternals are needed for multiple crafting recipes in the game and regardless the price, they are always on high demand.

WotLK gold farming tips for gathering

  • No matter if you’re in a WotLK zone or an area in Outland, wherever you can use a flying mount, you’ll be in quite a disadvantage if you don’t have any flying skills. So, no matter what you do, before even buying gear, gather money to buy the Artisan Riding Skill and Cold Weather Flying. It’s the best investment in your character as a gatherer.
  • After reaching level 80, players usually don’t go to gather minerals in the lower level areas of WotLK, because Titanium is quite rare there. That’s why Cobalt, which can be found in these areas sometimes is much more expensive than Saronite, so if you’re a miner, that’s a good thing to know.
  • The last of the WotLK gold farming tips that I’m going to share here is for herb gatherers. All the herb nodes in Northrend have the chance to drop Deadnettle, except Lichbloom and Icethorns. Since this is a random drop, sometimes Deadnettle is hard to find, so by gathering plants that have the chance to drop this weed, you will double your profits.

Now, I hope you will find these WotLK gold farming tips epic enough to make a decent buck in the Northrend zones of World of Warcraft. However, if my report doesn’t help, I can only recommend you a WoW gold guide. It’s the best alternative if you don’t want to buy gold from the online sellers.


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