The Greatest Well being Questions About Tea Answered


I drink tea as a result of it tastes good and makes me really feel good. Something extra particular is, at greatest, a attain.

How a lot caffeine is in tea in comparison with espresso?

After the well being advantages discuss, the subsequent greatest matter in American tea discuss is all about caffeine. Folks love caffeine! However additionally they love reducing again on it, and plenty of espresso drinkers trying to take action go for tea as their morning brew as an alternative. (As for why these drinks are offered as binary choices, the place you’ll be able to solely be a Espresso Particular person or Tea Particular person…that’s above my pay grade.)

In accordance with the Mayo Clinic, the common grownup can safely eat as much as 400 milligrams of caffeine per day earlier than vibrating to a airplane of non-corporeal existence. Your typical 8 ounce cup of espresso comprises about 96 mg, and a shot of espresso has about 64 mg. These numbers can fluctuate relying on the brewing methodology, water temperature, and even the period of that brew; the roast degree doesn’t matter, as gentle and darkish roast coffees comprise related quantities of caffeine.

A cup of tea constituted of the Camellia sinensis plant comprises anyplace between 28 and 48 mg of caffeine—a half to a 3rd of a cup of espresso—so in the event you’re delicate to caffeine or simply seeking to reduce, tea is a nifty various. The precise quantity of caffeine in a given cup is influenced by all types of things, together with the processing strategies, dimension of the leaves, and local weather circumstances the place the tea was grown.

Do some kinds of tea comprise extra caffeine than others?

I’m unsure the place this fantasy first originated, however to this present day, respected information sources parrot unsubstantiated claims about various kinds of tea containing kind of caffeine than others. Normally the road is that inexperienced tea is much less caffeinated than black tea, as a result of it’s “much less processed” or comprises a higher focus of antioxidants.

Whereas processing fashion can play a task in caffeine content material, all kinds of tea—black, inexperienced, white, oolong, and post-fermented—have been proven, on common, to comprise related quantities of caffeine in lab exams. Typically, tea sellers will label a selected tea as containing excessive, reasonable, or low quantities of caffeine. However until they’ve despatched that particular batch off to a lab to check it, they’re doubtless making it up.

Can I flush out the caffeine by tossing my first steep?

There may be one other cussed caffeine fantasy within the tea world: that almost all caffeine in a tea will get launched within the first minute of brewing, so in the event you steep for 60 seconds, dump your brew, and steep once more, you’ll be able to “decaffeinate” a tea your self. Lately, on-line publications have began debunking this declare, but it surely manages to persist in some tea outlets and communities as want success amongst drinkers and a sneaky advertising tactic amongst sellers.

Lab evaluation has proven that, similar to with espresso, the longer you steep your tea, the extra caffeine can be launched into your cup. Increased temperature water will draw out extra caffeine as effectively.


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