The Best Diet for Diabetics


The diabetic diet should be designed to maintain desirable body weight and near to normal blood glucose levels so as to minimize the complications associated with this disease. Therefore, Diabetes patients must eat measured quantities of cereal foods and at smaller intervals. They should eat less carbohydrate and fatty foods as well as do not take pure sugar. They must make up by plenty of high in fiber foods like veggies and legumes as well as moderate amounts of citrus fruits and other low sweet fruits.

Fast Tips:

* read the label for sugar content especially of packaged foods.

* select foods that contains carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, vegetables and Low-Fat milk.

* Limit total fat intake to 30% or less of the total daily calories.

* Reduce saturated fat intake like red meat

* Eat less trans fat like shortening, cakes, pies, French fries

* Avoid fruits canned in heavy syrup.

* Be consistent in your mealtimes especially in the total calorie intake and in the balancing of basic the food groups.

* Eat less cholesterol

* sustain a healthy weight.

* Exercise at least 30 minutes on most days

* Limit the amount of salt in the diet.

* Experiment with recipes by reducing the amount of sugar.

* Compensate for Special Activities by eating extra food.

Foods Allowed For This Diet

Milk & Dairy – 2-3 servings each day

* Light milk, 1/2%, or 1%

* Yogurt, plain, non fat or low-fat

* Evaporated skim milk

* Cottage cheese (1-2%)

* Non fat dry milk powder

* Skim milk (non fat milk)

* Nu-skim

* Low fat cheeses

Fruit & Vegetables – 5-9 servings each day

* Water packed canned fruits

* Unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices

Breads & Grains – 6-11 servings each day

* Low fat crackers such, bread sticks, rye crisps, soda crackers, rice cakes, popcorn

* Homemade baked goods using allowable ingredients

* Breads: white, whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye, and pita

* Cereals: oatmeal, grits, farina, cream of wheat, most dry cereals except granola cereals

* Pasta, barley, bulgur, brown and white rice, couscous

Meat & meat Substitutes – 2-3 servings or total of 6 oz daily


* Fillet Mignon

* Loin: porterhouse steak, top loin steak

* Loin: sirloin steak, T-bone steak, tenderloin

* Round: roast, steak, tip roast

* Veal: cutlet, loin chop, and rib roast


* All Fish such as tuna (canned in water), scallops, shrimp,

* lobster, flatfish, flounder, crab, sardines, haddock, halibut

* clams rainbow trout, salmon, red snapper, swordfish, sole,

* sturgeon, mussels, oysters, cod, perch, pike, crayfish


* Fore-shank, braised leg, shank or

* sirloin half loin, whole, broiled


* Ham, shank or rump half loin,

* Tenderloin, center loin cuts

Poultry (without skin):

* Chicken (light meat is leaner than dark meat)

* Chicken, drumstick, breast

* Duck, roasted

* Turkey (light meat is leaner than dark meat)

* Turkey store extra lean ground breast

Eggs: (limit egg yolks to 3 per week)

* Egg whites

Nuts & Beans:

* Lima beans

* Natural peanut butter (use sparingly)

* Dried peas and beans, such as split peas, black-eyed peas,

* Chick peas (Garbanzo beans), kidney beans, navy beans,

* Lentils, soybeans, soybean curd (tofu)

FATS (use sparingly)

* Baking cocoa

* Unsaturated vegetable oils: corn, olive, peanut, canola, safflower, sesame, soybean

* Margarine or shortenings

* Salad dressing, low-fat or fat-free

* Cream cheese, low-fat or fat-free

* Imitation sour cream

Foods To Avoid

* Nestle’s Quick powders,

* Flavored milk (i.e. chocolate, strawberry)

* Whole or 2% milk (regular, evaporated, condensed, chocolate),

* Whole milk Yogurts

* Fruited or flavored yogurt

* Milkshake, frozen malt or frozen milkshake, Frappes

* Instant breakfast

* Eggnog

* Whole milk cottage cheese (4% fat)

* High fat cheeses

* Cheese spreads

Fruit & Vegetables

* Fruit and vegetables in candied sauces

* honey, syrup, sugar, jelly, marmalade, or jam.

* Canned, fresh or frozen fruit with sugar added

* fruits packed in syrup.

* Sweetened juice

* Coconut

* Vegetables prepared in butter, cream, cheese, or high fat sauce

Fats & Oils

* Nondairy cream substitutes

* Coffee whitener/cream substitute

* Cream (light, cream, or table)

* Sour cream, cream cheese, whipping cream

* Regular salad dressings (sour cream base, French, Caesar,

* Ranch, blue cheese, any cheese based dressings)

* Green and black olives

* Butter, coconut and palm oils, lard, bacon fat

* Margarine or shortenings made with saturated fat listed above.

* Salad dressings made with egg yolk, coconut, or chocolate

* Cream, half and half, most non-dairy creamers, whipped toppings

Snacks & Desserts

* buttered, Caramelized or cheese popcorn

* pre-packaged microwave popcorn

* carbonated beverages or soft drinks

* Sweetened fruit drinks, Kool-Aid, Hi-C

* Tonic water

* beer, wine, alcohol, hard liquor

* Sweetened carbonated and mineral waters

* Blended Juice

* Tang

* Chocolate

* Pop tarts, fruit rolls

* fat beverages like Frappes, milk shakes, floats, and eggnog

* Cocoa butter

* Cream

* Fructose

* Honey

* Molasses

* BBQ sauce

* Catsup

* Honey

* frozen desserts: ice cream, frozen tofu or custard, most store-bought frosted cakes, cookies, candy, chocolate bars

* potato and corn chips prepared with saturated fat

* Jam

* Jelly

* Regular chewing gum

* Sweet pickles

* Teriyaki sauce


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