Tea For The Royal Class – Darjeeling Tea


Darjeeling Tea is the most famous black tea of all types. It is the world’s most expensive and exotically flavored tea. It has a special taste and aroma.It is produced in the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, India. It is a light colored tea and has a floral aroma. The most renowned tea tasters all over the world has rated it as one of the most finest tea all over the world. It is one of India’s treasured food item.

The history of the Darjeeling Tea is very interesting. The story goes this way, Dr. Campbell was the first superintendent of the District of Darjeeling and he was the first person to sow the tea seeds in his garden. Slowly and gradually the tea industry began to flourish in this region because of the favorable conditions of tea farming in this hilly region. The tea leaves grown in this region were of high quality and people from all over the world loved its fine taste and aroma.

Darjeeling Tea is planted across many tea gardens distributed all over the region of Darjeeling. Major tea estates includes Arya, Avongrove, Giddapahar, Castleton, Ging, Happy Valley, Pottabong, Rohini, Singla, Soureni, Thurbo, Vah Tukvar etc. These areas are perfect for tea cultivation and have been funded and protected by the Indian government to bring out more productivity.

Grades of the Tea

There are different grades for the tea graded according to the size and quality of the tea. Some of the common grades are discussed below:-

1- SFTGFOP- It stands for Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.These have a long leaf and a light color.

2- FTGBOP- It stands for Fine Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe and consists of broken leaves.

3- GFOF: It stands for Golden Flowery Orange Fannings and comprises of even smaller leaves.

4- D: D is for Dust and as the name suggests itself, it consists of just tea dust.

The quality of the tea degrades starting from SFTGFOP i.e, D is of the lowest quality among all of them.

How to Prepare A Cup of Darjeeling Tea

Boil water for 3-4 minutes. Take a kettle and pour the boiling water in it. Add 1 tsp tea leaves in each serving cup and add boiling water over it. Brew it for 3-4 minutes and the tea is ready to serve.

Thus, this was the story about the Darjeeling tea. Remember to see the real logo of the Darjeeling tea when buying a tea pack. “Darjeeling” or “Pure Darjeeling” or “100% . Darjeeling – must be mentioned in the logo.


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