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Ever surprise learn how to dry sourdough starter? Us, too. You’re in luck as a result of right here is your full information.

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When you’re something like us, you’ve nurtured your sourdough starter over the previous two years and eaten and gifted your weight in sourdough bread, sourdough discard cookies, and waffles. Chances are you’ll be bored with the fixed upkeep required to maintain the starter alive, or maybe you need a backup.

When you want a long-term storage resolution to your starter that doesn’t require remembering to feed it at common intervals, do that straightforward methodology for drying sourdough starter.

In a rush? Right here’s a quick-glance information:

What’s dried sourdough starter?

Merely put, dry sourdough starter is a starter that’s slowly dehydrated in order that it loses all it’s moisture and could be damaged into items and saved.

Why would I dry my starter?

Generally you wish to take a break from baking with sourdough and drying it permits you to retailer it for a very long time. Or, maybe you wish to give some to a good friend. Dry starter ships effectively within the mail.

Are you able to dry sourdough starter in a meals dehydrator?

You positive can. See under.

How lengthy does dried starter final?

It could actually final for years in a darkish dry place. Bear in mind, humidity is the enemy of a dehydrated starter.

Are you able to freeze dry sourdough starter?

Sure. As quickly as you take away the dry starter from the parchment, slip it right into a zip-top bag and freeze indefinitely.


1. Collect your gear

  • Your starter
  • Good-quality parchment paper or a silicone baking sheet
  • A clear stainless-steel tablespoon
  • A fine-mesh meals cowl

2. Prep your starter

Feed your starter, as you usually would, and permit it to develop and reply.

I’d advocate feeding your starter two or 3 times your normal feeding quantity to provide a extra lively starter on this event and maximize this drying alternative.

3. Dehydrate your starter

A person spreading sourdough starter on a sheet of parchment
: James Kennedy

As soon as the starter is lively, lay a big sheet of good-quality parchment paper or a silicone baking sheet on an space of your kitchen counter the place it may well stay for two to three days.

TIP: Don’t use waxed paper or a paper towel; the starter will stick and gained’t come off as soon as dried.

Spoon some onto the parchment, leaving your customary base quantity of starter within the bowl or jar. Utilizing the again of the spoon, unfold the starter as thinly as attainable on the paper. The thinner it’s, the quicker it’ll dehydrate. Attempt as a lot as attainable to keep away from creating thick spots; any globs will take a really very long time to dry fully.

A person spreading sourdough starter on a piece of parchment
: James Kennedy

4. Cowl it up

Cowl the paper with the mesh meals cowl and go away for two to three days, or till fully dry. I all the time air dry mine at room temperature; if in case you have a dehydrator, you may make it go quicker.

5. Retailer your dried starter

Dried sourdough on a sheet of parchment
: James Kennedy

As soon as dried, it is going to be a darker coloration and can begin to elevate off the sheet by itself. Fold the sheet to interrupt up the starter. (This fashion, you don’t want to truly deal with it.) Make certain the starter is totally dried to stop it from growing any mildew in storage. If it bends in anyplace as an alternative of breaks, it must maintain drying—return the sheet to your counter to dehydrate till your starter is totally able to retailer. Tip the damaged bits right into a clear jar. You possibly can go away it in bigger items or break it down extra in a clear blender.

6. Revive your dried starter

Now, take a look at your starter to make sure that it should revive efficiently.

Learn how to revive dehydrated starter

In a bowl, combine 20 grams (1/8 cup) of the dried starter items with 80 grams (3/4 cup) of flour and 90 grams (1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons) of water. Will probably be a thick combination. The starter is not going to dissolve; it is possible for you to to see it nonetheless within the combination. Stir it effectively, firmly cowl the bowl and go away it for twenty-four to 36 hours to bubble up and totally come again to life, stirring a few occasions throughout that point. As soon as it’s totally revived, use it for bread, English muffins, waffles, pizza crust, or any of your different favourite sourdough meals.

7. What can I do with dry sourdough starter?

Now you can present and ship parts of the dehydrated starter to family and friends in order that they will share your sourdough pleasure, or you’ll be able to retailer it in an hermetic container in a cool, darkish place for a number of months and even years. I’ve efficiently revived dried starter after a number of years.

Upon getting a inventory of dehydrated starter, you may have some insurance coverage. In case your starter ever begins to behave in another way and turns into weak or inactive, add 15 grams (1 tablespoon) of your dried starter to your starter. Stir effectively, cowl, and go away it for twenty-four to 36 hours to reply. It should increase your starter with its personal saved energy.

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