Discover the Authentic & Delicious Cuisine and Cooking of Brunei


Bruneians are known for their exquisite variety of native cuisines. Their cuisine consists mainly of fish, mixed with herbs and spices; very similar to that of the Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines and some other Asian countries where the staple food include rice and noodles. Most of the cooking contains coconut milk and chili, together with fried fish and other meats. Some of the foods also consist of vegetables and cereals. Meat is being served only during certain events for meat prices like cow’s meat are particularly costly in Brunei. However, visitors and locals alike have plenty of recipes to choose from, because the people of Brunei have a tradition of serving loads of foods for every meal.

A Bruneian lunch is more like a feast. They often prepare plenty of foods on the table, which the Bruneians are famously known for. They also have certain foods prepared for special occasions like during their National Day and other public holidays, where they prepare a great deal of Bruneian dishes. Menus for such special occasions includes beef or what the Bruneians called Satay, as well as chicken, and mutton kebabs which is a dish made of minced meat sautéed with spices. Another is the Ketupat or Lontong, a form of dumpling which is widely known in Southeast Asia. These dishes together with rice cakes and variety of noodles are arranged all together on a coconut or banana leaf; which is an Asian native practice. Carefully designed, for visually attractive dishes are important to the Bruneians, and foods are always arranged in a striking manner.

There are a number of ethnic restaurants in Brunei where visitors can try it out and have a taste of a delicious Bruneian cuisine. Also, eateries always offer high-quality services for tourists, and each can enjoy a festive meal at any time. A place where everyone is considered a special, you’ll definitely feel Bruneian’s exceptional hospitality.

Though Bruneian foods are quiet spicy, similar to the rest of the Asian country cuisines, people would certainly enjoy trying these mouth-watering choices of foods. Accompanied with colorful food arrangements, this makes Bruneian cuisine eye-catching and mouth-watering everyone.

People from around the world love to visit Brunei and have a taste of their very own native cuisines. Enjoy the experience of having a banquet of foods served for every meal, and you’ll surely be back to Brunei for more.


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