Croatian Recipes and Cuisine


Croatian cuisine is sometimes known as “the cuisine of regions”, since each part of Croatia has its own distinct culinary traditions, and influences from its neighbors. The cookery of coastal regions shows influences from Roman, Illyrian and Greek cuisine, Italian cuisine, and even French cuisine, whereas inland areas get their influences from Viennese and Austrian cuisine, Hungarian cuisine and Turkish cuisine.

Some popular Croatian dishes include:

– Juha od Mahuna – A vegetable soup made from green beans, as well as carrots, lentils, onions and peas.

– Brudet – Fish stew, served with polenta (boiled cornmeal)

– Gulas – A spicy beef stew, similar to Hungarian cuisine’s gulyás (goulash).

– Slavonski Cobanac – Lamb stew originally from Slavonia.

– Istrian stew (Croatian: Istarska jota) – A stew made with bacon, spare ribs, beans, potatoes and sauerkraut, seasoned with garlic.

– Pasticada – A stewed beef dish, originally from Dalmatia (and sometimes known as “Dalmatinska pasticada”). Served with gnocchi (dumplings) or wide noodles.

– Sataras – Minced and roasted vegetables, especially bell peppers.

– Sarma – Sauerkraut rolls with ground (minced) pork and rice.

– Zagrebacki odrezak – Originally from Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, this dish consists of thin slices of chicken or veal stuffed with ham and cheese and then sautéed.

– Ðuvec – Stewed vegetables, similar to ratatouille.

– Kulen – Spicy pork sausage, originally from Slavonia.

– Cesnovka – Another variety of spicy pork sausage. Cesnovka has a garlic taste, and originates from the Turopolje region.

– Strukli – A type of ravioli, originally from Zagreb. Strukli normally contains either cheese or apple. In northern parts of the country, they are usually eaten during the Christmas period, with compotes of dried fruits (apples, pears, prunes, etc.).

– Palacinke – Crêpes with sweet fillings.

– Krafne – A type of doughnut (without a hole though). Krafne are usually filled with chocolate, cream, custard or jelly (jam).

– Rozata – A custard pudding, similar to flan.

– Cupavci – A biscuit-like cake which is cut into squares, and then covered with chocolate and desiccated coconut.

– Strudel (Croatian: Savijaca, Strudla) – – The Croatian version of strudel, filled with apple or cheese.


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